This is Khan AKA CodeMascot, a self-taught reader who loves to solve problems. Till now I've seen springs. Voraciously reads Philosophy, Non-Fiction and History. Contributed to several open source softwares. Very keen to learn new things.

Currently my time goes mostly with PHP and JavaScript, partly with reading research paper and other opensource project's code. By the way, I'm an Emacs fan and I use Emacs a lot in my day to day life, from daily task management to coding for almost everything I prefer Emacs. In leisure, I like to read books and write reviews in Goodreads.

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Current Status

Currently Iā€™m working remotely as a WordPress Engineer at Wallmander & Co AB and also volunteer as a programmer at MarsSociety, the organization which works with NASA on colonising the red planet Mars.


You can shoot a mail at codemascot (at) hotmail (dot) com. Please mention your intention clearly in email subject and don't spam.